Swedish Massage is specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones and rubbing in the same direct as the flow of the blood returning to the heart. Our massages ease muscular and nervous tension, restores well being, stimulates the flow of blood and lymph, tones the muscular system, aids digestion and assimiliation and promotes overall body relaxation.
"It's nice to be kneaded!"

MINI MASSAGE (15 min) - $25
-  Neck and Shoulder
-  Foot and Leg
-  Hand and Arm

RELAXING MASSAGE (30 min) - $45
-  Neck, Shoulder and Back
-  Exfoliation and Back
-  Combination of 2 Mini Massages

HEAVENLY MASSAGE (60 min) - $85
-  Full Body Swedish Massage
-  Combination of 2 Mini and 1 Relaxing